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Originally Posted by velias View Post
I vote MSI. But I also own 680 lightnings and i'm a fanboy of MSI. Yet with the MSI consider that you can get voltage unlocked which you cannot on the asus model. (note that you need to modify a profile within afterburner for this functionality.) Also, note that the asus card will likely throttle more frequently than the MSI card, MSI cards are more "stable" with their boost speeds.
Thanks for the response

yeah in ASUS model, I cant overvoltage the Memory, and PLL but I can still Overvolt the GPU, right?

About Overvoltage, I heard from MSI user in many forums, that the GTX 670 Power Edition Card, can't overvoltage the GPU beyond 1.175volt, (which likely the same as other GTX 670).., is that true? If true, oh man
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