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Default Pivos Media player audio problem

I am pretty new to all of these media players becasue I watch every thing off of my PC using my 27 inch LCD TV as am monitor. But I
it is strange I had finally got around to playing with my aios media player and since I actually don't need one I decided o install it on my parents older TV which uses RCA plug ( I guess they are called that yellow white red plugins)

After a few 10 minutes of figuring things out and updating with a new Bios or mod (aasoror.XtrAIOS-3.0.12) which I needed to use this because the wifi wouldn't work, I got the thing up and running with Wifi, but the wifi was having a few more issues so instead I just installed a Hard drive that had a couple of avi files on it .

when I tried a couple of these files the audio was very week and scratchy which made me first think it was a codec problem, I moved the player to my LCD tv and plugged it in using an hdmi cable but the files played perfectly I am not sure what is going on.

The western digital media player using a pen drive to watch video files works good with that TV.
The reason why I wanted to use the pivos media player is because of the wifi it would be allot easier and faster for me to just drag and drop files from my PC to the hard drive through wifi then to keep using the slow pen drive.
does any one have any ideas on why the audio is so scratchy and low.?

OK solved the audiio problem buy reflashing now I have a different problem which I am going to try and solve

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