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My System Specs


Well I want be bragging how good PC Power& Cooling MK II 950 watts amy more .Was playing a game and it was like a shot gun went off in my room and the flash was so bright it lit up my room. People was so right you get what you pay for.I was scard it took out my motherboard and CPU and everthing else.But I got lucky I put my Coolermaster 1100w UCP back in and to my surpise everthing seems to be fine.PC Power& Cooling is not what it use to be by a long shot.I may have just got a bad one out of the bunch, and the rest my be fine,but it is the first time I ever had a power supply blow up.I will never buy PC Power & Cooling again.I will do a better job in reviewing them.I knew it had a bad ripple on the 12v line but they said it was in spec. That what I get in paying $139 for a 1000w powersupply.I think I paid $280 for this one but that was four years ago and it still going strong.
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