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Default ASUS 670 DirectCU II TOP or MSI 670 Power Edition OC

hello everyone

I have been looking for a new GTX 670, now my choice is between ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP or MSI GTX 670 Power Edition OC.

my question is, who is better? btw I dont care about backplate (Since many people are worrying about it), because what I want from a graphics card is a overall performance, not style.

By the way, I am truly sorry for my Bad english, not too good in english, because I am an Asian People :(

btw forget about price.

Btw my "new" specs are :

Intel Core i5 3570K
MSI Z77 MPower Mainboard
8 GB of RAM
Corsair HX650 80+Gold PSU
GPU : ?

I want to gaming on 1080p resolution, and overclocking.

Any Help would be much appreciated. :D

Thank you very much.
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