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My System Specs

Question ASUS Xonar Essence STX

So Iíve been looking around at high-end sound cards for my computer and this seemed to be the best out there.

My Intend uses are: Music production, gaming and listening to music.

Somewhere I heard that the ST had slightly better audio quality but really considering future compatibility with newer hardware is more important.

I wanted to get the STX instead of the ST because it uses PCI and the STX uses PCI-E.

So if I upgrade my computer I do not want to be stuck with something I cannot use on a newer Motherboard since PCI is almost completely phased out on high-end hardware.

If you have this sound card I would like to know these four things.

How is the sound quality?

What are your personal thoughts about the product? Pros & Cons.

What kind of applications do you use it for?

Should I buy one?

Thank you for your time.
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