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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Depending on your budget and when your buying you will need to look again BUT you should be OK with a 570 on a 27" (with some lower settings but nothing too drastic)

If your budget is your main concern then I would be looking at something like dual 660ti's (though the memory bandwith is a bit of a worry) they should give plenty of kick for their price..
Alternatively, drop in a second 570, though with the much less efficient power on it you may be looking at a PSU upgrade too which will make the 660's nearly as viable depending on how cheap you could get a decent 750watt + psu for and card.

Something tells me that the AMD 8 series is gonna be good.. It has to be.. Cos if it's not AMD are in trouble (on both cpu and gpu fronts) and the more top end designs should be able to handle a 27" monitor pretty damn well.
You make some good points. I think I'm probably going to be getting an eVGA GTX 680. Based on the reviews I can find online the GTX 680 uses about 40 watts less power than my GTX 570 does now under max load. That means my current Corsair PSU should be able to drive it. Given that GPU prices tend to fall faster than monitor prices I'll probably end up picking up the monitor first.
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