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In my case it was $30 for the bracket shipped and $50 or so for the h60 shipped. So in my case $80 total. Thats a heck of a lot cheaper than doing it with a real waterblock. I got lucky though. I had trouble with my Coolit Eco 120 so they sent me a Coolit Eco II which is a corsair h60 oem but I got to keep the original ECO. I paid $29 for the original ECO which seems to be working fine despite the initial gurgling I experienced in the beginning. I will be using the h60 on my 6870 and either going with my original ECO on my cpu or switching back to air cooling with the EVGA Superclock cooler I just got from NCIX for $11. Its almost equal in performance to Noctuas C14 & D14.

A waterblock would require a whole water cooling system which would run atleast $200 if done right and even then it'd be on the cheap. For an older card like the 6870 and my cpu, an i7 960 its simply not worth spending hundreds to watercool at this point.
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