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My System Specs

Red face

NP, I was strictly reffering only to the polymers, on the matter, so we got a way off
Nevermind, I still did not like Chemi-cons and their lowest ESR 16mOhms ( NIC Components NSPE-x SMT Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - 470F 6.3V 16mΩ 3150mA ) I do consider a joke. For polymers, that is. Even they are only SMD... (please note I did observed, that these are neither polymers or elytes, they are hybrid, yet I tend to rate them as polymers, because highest capacitance at 16V rating I see 150uF, witch is consistent of polymers, not elytes - they not have a problem of 3300 or 4700+++uF at 16V... polymers have these problems - usually they offer only tiny capacity at 16V ratins, hence input Vcore regulator made from polymers is a bad and sad joke... unfortunately marketing dictate this nonsense...) Nichicon LE get down to almost 4mOhms around 100kHz, same Nichicon E5 series. I see no reason to try their caps at all. Maybe as free sample in HW that did not matter, but where things matter, there I will insist on using proven reliable caps (yet considering that even Nichicon produced a unfortunate bad batch of their caps as well...) and they are only these listed above.
So my point of view is relatively negative for these - until proven otherwise Also because they did not mande radial polymers, then these caps have a very limited usage range...

Come to my attention that there do exist relatively inexpensive Atlas ESR 60 - capacitor analyser. It is probably not the most precise tool in the world, however for hobby home measuring it is more that perfect, just look: Peak Electronic Design Limited - Atlas ESR - Equivalent Series Resistance Meter and Capacitor Analyser - Model ESR60

And in action, there measuring already leaking Teapo, ESR 8.5 Ohms! :mad:

Also Chemi-con KZG is probably busted long time ago - leaking and ESR goes to1.01 Ohms :gun:

...and on the another hand, Samxon (likely GC, but not sure) hold it's capacity and ESR is great - 0.02 Ohms

(not my pics or measurment)
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