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Default Building a do all PC, gaming ability required. Help, please and thanks!

I built my last PC and overclocked it, I have been running it for 4 years and I feel like I want a new PC with new technology. Also my wife's laptop crapped out on her so shes getting my old PC for work and I need something new . I'm just a little out of the loop now when it comes to building. Once parts are chosen though I will be putting this thing together myself.

1. What YOUR PC will be used for. That means what types of tasks you'll be performing.

Mainly surfing, music, watching movies, etc. I'll be doing some photoshop work, and some gaming. That being said, when I do play games I'd like them to load quickly and run them on high settings. I don't game that much but I'd like to do it comfortably.

2. What YOUR budget is.

I'd like to be under $1100 all in. Try to get close, don't give me a $700 build and tell me its all I need.

3. What country YOU will be buying YOUR parts from.

Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada and will be buying all parts from NCIX or Memory Express.

4. IF YOU have a brand preference.

Intel only, nVidia only. Everything else is open as long as its quality.

5. If YOU intend on using any of YOUR current parts, and if so, what those parts are.

I have a monitor (24", 1920x1200), mouse and keyboard. I need a case and everything that goes in it. I also have a 5.1 speaker setup, but I don't know if I need a soundcard.

6. IF YOU have searched and/or read similar threads.

Starting to.

7. IF YOU plan on overclocking or run the system at default speeds.

I loved overclocking my current PC (e6400, 2.1ghz to 3.2ghz stable) but I think I will pass this time. Getting too old for this.

8. WHEN do you plan to build it?

This weekend (Saturday and Sunday). I know this is rushed but its a bit of an emergency.

9. What resolution and settings do you use?

I'll be running at 1920x1200, I'd like settings to be at max or close to it in games. I don't need 3D, eyefinity or any other gaming gimmicks really.

10. Are there any specific technologies you want?

I would LOVE to utilize an SSD for the op system. I'm a big fan of the technology and I want my computer to boot up in seconds. USB 3.0 would be nice. Must have WIFI. Must have BluRay. Case noise doesn't matter. I'd like to have the modern bells and whistles. Also I really like the HAF cases but I'm open to suggestions. My last case was an Antec 900 and I was happy with it.

Also I should mention I'll be using Windows 7 but I don't know which version to get.

Really big thanks in advance guys!

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