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Originally Posted by Master_Shake_ View Post
+1 when you buy a new gen intel cpu you know what you are getting, when you pre-order amd you're throwing the dice for the most part.
It's only current fx CPU that have had this issue. For the most part their CPU have always progressed

Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
Given the price points (IF they remain around what is displayed), what a recently published online trinity moble review showed ....... These vishera's SHOULD be between a i5/i7 sandy/ivy* bridge in preformance.

Either way .... as long as US that choose to use/support amd cpu's keep a realistic mindset on them we shouldnt be disapointed by them .... in fact i think this is just the starting point of where we start seeing things get better & hopefully the next generation cpu they are designing will evolve from this design/liano's into a stronger overall solution for consumers period.

Take this 1 with a grain of salt .. but they have rumored a 10 cored FX chip as well based on vishera for this round of cpu's ....
But other than bragging rights of number of cores, what is the point if they perform worse than a competing companies 4 or 6 core? That said I would love it if they had a ten core CPU that was comparable to an i5 or i7 in performance and power consumption. I have only had and in my desktops and would like to keep I that way.
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