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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Well I wish them luck, but I sure as heck won't be pre-ordering one until I see the benchmarks on them. If they really want to do themselves a favour, they can start with a little truth in advertising by changing what they're calling a core.

At the very least we can hope that this round of procs will be able to ourperform the PHII line without requiring massive amounts of power.
I agree with you there in your post accept for the bolded point. Not to try to get this debate going again .... but to me .... intel is more guilty of doin so back in the day then amd is. As for why i disagree with you is simple .... if you have 1 lego "block" its 1 ... but put 4 of them together its still called a "block". IF you wanted to go 1 step further ... what they SHOULD actualy call it is a "cluster core" as it does contain more then 1 core/head in a modual.
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