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My System Specs


Well, they don't make my monitor anymore and it's a 16ms response time so there's some slight ghosting. I've also noticed the ocassional frame skip between the monitor and the display card. I personally game, browse the web, and use it for school as I attend college at night. My girlfriend something of an artist and wants to get a bit into photo editing with PhotoShop. That's the main reasons I was considering the new Dell. It's a good balance of professional photo grade editing and gaming performance.

I'd not considered a triple monitor setup as having used them in the past for gaming other than the "gee wiz" factor I could notice no real difference. 3D gives me a headache so that's right out. I don't know many companies that make 1920x1200 monitors with decent response times other than Dell anyway.

On AMD vs nVidia. I don't know that I'm solidly on the nVidia bandwagon. Truth be told this is my first nVidia card since my old TnT2 that I paired with a set of Voodoo 2's. (Now THAT'S dating myself!) My last two cards with ATi left me a bit disappointed (4870's in Crossfire) and I was constantly fighting issues with the Crossfire setup. My co-worker recommended I give nVidia another go and so far I've been pleased with my GTX 570.

The games I'm planning on playing seem to do well with the nVidia stuff (BF3, Skyrim, Fallout, STALKER) and the ones getting ready to come out (Aliens: Colonial Marines, X-Com Enemy Unkown) seem to do well with nVidia as well. If Valve announced a new Half-Life game I'd go back to AMD no questions asked. I'm also counting on the next Fallout using the same engine as Skyrim.

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