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Angry Unable To Share Networks?!

Okay so I've recently bought an Xbox 360 and Live but don't fancy spending 60 on a wireless adapter for it. My router is also downstairs so it would be difficult having a wired connection. However, I've heard and seen of people using the Network Sharing on their computer. Where you use an Ethernet cable going from your Xbox 360 into the back of the computer. I'm currently running on Windows Vista.
Once I connect the two together using the Ethernet cable the LED lights up in the back of my computer. My guess is that it knows something is connected? So when I go to the Network & Sharing Center, View Status, and then go to find the Sharing tab its not there. This all works perfect on my dads laptop without any problems. Why won't it work for my desktop? Its all very frustrating and I'm always getting stressed out about it. Please, can someone try and help me out?!
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