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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
So... apparently there is a .ini file that you can modify to give yourself as many gold keys as you want for the chest in Sanctuary as well as change your game to Special Edition to get the in-game weapons if you didn't preorder. The Unlock ID's are (1)Regular (2)Premium (3)Special Edition (4)Vault Collector's Edition. Anything Premium and up includes the starter Gearbox weapons, and 3 & 4 (Special and Vault Edition) come with 2 bonus skins and a grenade mod I believe.

Use it if you want but the gold keys will give you as many awesome weapons from the chest that you want but will ruin the whole loot hunt for a better weapon. Just putting it out there!
Randy Pitchford ‏@DuvalMagic RE: Golden Keys. Exploit patched, no punishment (we get the temptation: doors unlocked, keys in the ignition).
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