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My System Specs

Default Is it worth it to upgrade my GPU?

Hey Gang!

Alright, I need some advice and maybe a little brutal honesty to go with it. Right now I have about $450US socked aside I was going to use to buy a lesser 27" or 24" display. After seeing the image quality loss on 1080P displays I'm considering using it to buy a GPU instead as I would love to step up to the Dell U2713 in the next 6 months to a year.

SKYMTL mentioned selling off my GTX570 now while prices are still good on it. Looking at some of the GPU card reviews none of the cards on the market save the massive GTX690 really seem to run games well at 2560x1440 on full detail.

Here's where I need the brutal honesty. Given my system specs would I even be able to produce the kinds of frame rates a GTX690 or GTX680 can deliver at those resolutions if I only upgrade my GPU? If not, there's really no point in trying to push the issue as dumping $2K into a machine to increase the display 3". It's just not a good investment given how much I game.

Also, how much difference in performance is there between 2650x1600 and 2560x1440 anyway?

- Skip

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