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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Anyone heard about the farce that was the pre-order in Russia (actually anywhere east of Germany)?

Basically, thousands of people here pre-ordered through steam to buy the full version of the game(rather than a localized version you get for $15 out of shops)
Then, at the weekend, it was announced that basically if your in an ex-soviet country your getting lumbered with the RU version.
Many of the countries affected have very low numbers of Russian speakers, especially in the younger population.
Many of these countries were charged full western prices, or reasonably close to them rather than the Russian price.
No-one was told (not even the devs or the publisher for the rest of the world, 2k) until last weekend.
If you bought the addon pack it's incompatible with the RU version of the game, again no notification.
You cannot use the RU version outside of THEIR RU zone(by ip)
You cannot play against anyone other than other people with the RU version.
The translations are apparently horrible even for those that do speak Russian.
There is rarely any support, patches, DLC released for RU versions (from this publisher at least, 1C)

Dunno about the rest of you, but this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Especially as I am one of the people in an ex soviet country who pre-ordered what appeared to be
(was the only version available and the same as the UK when looked at through a proxy for regional stores) a normal full version of a game like any other which I wanted to and indeed did buy through steam.
Yes I heard about that. Is that Steam's doing then?
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