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Perineum -
trodas: I only recognize Sanyo, Nichicon and Samxon polymers as good ones
I would add United Chemicon, Rubycon, Panasonic and NIC Components to that good list.
Well, I'm not aware that Rubycon is starting to make any usable polymer caps, do you? Their SMD series are ST (0.1-22uF), SW and SWZ (47-330uF) and SXB, SXE, SLE and SZE (22-220uF) and none radial "classic" caps. Therefore I did not even mention Rubycon as to be in good polymers list, altrough this is not entierly correct.
United Chemicon aren't exactly my favorite either, the KZG caps in my DFI blown thanks to the Fuhjuu craps in PSU, yet their vents should work and not explode. And I was not in the mood todays to look out for Panny polymers. What are they?
And NIC Components? What is that? :)
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