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My System Specs

Question Accelero Xtreme III Or Accelero Xtreme PLUS II?

So Iíve been considering getting an aftermarket GPU cooler for a long time and I Finally got sick of my turbine fan being so loud and the poor idle & load Temp on my XFX 4890.

Now I would like to take in to consideration compatibility for future builds and the Accelero Xtreme III has just that; even right up to the newest GPUís 680 GTX Without the stacked power socket & ATI 7870

While the Accelero Xtreme PLUS II supports up to the 580 GTX & ATI 7870.
What is another concern of mine is build quality between the two; this is where you come in if you own either of these two or both please tell me what you think of them.

I still really want to go with the Accelero Xtreme III just on the fact of compatibility; but if you can convince me otherwise for a good reason please do.

Also I should add another reason, NCIX sells the Accelero Xtreme PLUS II for 84.99$ while sells both for about the same price Accelero Xtreme PLUS II for 79.99$ and the Accelero Xtreme III for 77.99$

Thank you for your time and I apologize for the long winded nature of this post.

Links to both products.
Accelero Xtreme III ∑ VGA ∑ Cooling ∑ ARCTIC
Accelero Xtreme PLUS II ∑ VGA ∑ Cooling ∑ ARCTIC
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