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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
As said above thats an odd fan configuration... i would stick with the 2 push then have the pull on the top of the mesh..

i7 not worth it for your usage.

Agree with (some of) the above on the motherboard.. Asus have gotten very expensive for what you get... Just built on an ASRock Extreme 4 for my brother and am very happy with the results..

670 is MORE than enough for your resolution AND the MSI lightning is really not worth it for you.. It is meant for people who want to play with overclocking and set records.
I would be looking at an MSI 670 PE or similar.

I have also used the seagate drive.. but if I had your budget I would be going for a WD black.. seen a few seagates die and heard of loads.. have had 7 WD blacks personally and built with more in recent years and all have been rock solid
I don't mind if it's odd, just wondering if it'll work (I have really weird ideas on design and such).
As I said in my previous post as well, the ASROCK isn't blue (though the gold looks nice, I'd rather it was blue).
Also, as a futureproof (and possibly going tri-monitor + 3D Vision) PC I chose the Lightning (good deal on it too) BUT I suppose the 670 is also an option.
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