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Originally Posted by Del.irious View Post
Your build looks good for the most part. Just a couple of questions/comments. Are you going to SLI in the future? If not the HX 650 or AX 650 is all you need for a PSU. 16gb of RAM is overkill, and so is 8gb, but I wouldnt go less than 8. Your budget allows either so not that big of a deal, but if you wanted to save some money thats one thing to do. Depending on what features you need on your motherboard, pcie3 slots, sata3 ports, and such, honestly you could probably go with a lot cheaper motherboard, again though if you wanted to save money. The motherboard doesnt add really any preformance, it more or less just adds features, like SLIing 2 slots at x16 instead of both at x8 (granted this example will make a little difference in performance). Most people just need the standard features with good overclocking ablity. So something the ASRock Extreme4 at the low end. Last I would look into maybe getting a 256gb SSD, like the Samsung 830, Crucial m4, or OCZ Vertex 4.

The case and the H100 and fan setup...I think you should do a little googling, but I do not think you can fit 4 layers of fans and rad in that case. People from various forms say that they can only get a pull configuration (rad then 1 set of fans on top of the mesh) in that case, but I don't know the specifics. Anything below hits something on the motherboard or something like that. Personally, I think just stick with 2 fans on the rad and I dont think you will really see that BIG of a difference compared to a fans on both sides.
1. If you look at the case and motherboard in question, you'll find that it will be able fit, no problem.
And like I said, Money is no object (unless the price is overkill high). This PC will also be more future proof (ish), so I think 16GB is good for me.
Blue/black-themed interior - ASROCK extreme4 looks yucky
and I may be going SLI in the future and I got a good deal for the HX 750 (like $10 cheaper than the 650)
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