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My System Specs


At that res Nvidia's usually win out BUT with the recent price-drops of AMD cards they are very hard to pass up.

670 WOULD be my go to card if you can find one for $380(non reference) MIR's included..

7970 with non reference cooler at $400 ish would be sweet. At the moment though at that res (depending on the game) a 670 will beat it.
And at the moment the performance of the AMD's don't justify going to a (in my opinion) worse supported platform.. Drivers are still not up to scratch, not to say Nvidia's are perfect..

An MSI 670PE with borderlands2 bundled would be what I would be looking at.(if they are still doing that)

On the motherboard.. Asus have gotten to pricey especially for their lower end boards.. I would look at ASRock or MSI in that price-range.
For a gaming / general purpose rig stick to the i5.. if you do lots of encoding / rendering / VM stuff then a 3770k is the go-to chip.

The case, there are LOADS of options.. Corsair 600t is one of my faves for looks and features but there are many more that are sweet too especially depending on your preference for looks
Corsair, CoolerMaster, Bitfnix, Fractal, Nzxt are all pretty good and have good options in your range..
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