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Mosfets did not deteriorate with time, however it is naive to believe the polymer caps won't. Regardless what the marketing says, some are even rated at 2 000 hours, at 105C of course. For elecrtolyte caps is valid, that for each 10C down, the lifetime double. Hence 105C cap at 45C will have 128 000h - about 14,6 years of service nonstop.
And these polymers aren't exactly a known quality brand (I only recognize Sanyo, Nichicon and Samxon polymers as good ones and I refuse to even discuss the rest, mainly not "things" like Elite polymers... who ever heard about that company before? Where are their background for making bold claims and "super caps"? I see none, so I did not believe them a single bit.), so no wonder they give up. Also the board design is bad, because input Vcore filtering should be done with electrolyte caps...

Anyway, back on topic:

Intel D845GLVA mobo, fake Nichicon caps, user s0vet from SHW Czech forum
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