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Originally Posted by bonanza2000 View Post
I kind of like the retro grill look but I did notice you need a slimline optical drive which is silly. Should have made it work with the standard optical drive. Duh!
That is really tough to do with the Sugo maximum Volume limits. They probably couldn't have put the power supply up front, without reducing the GPU length possible or reducing the top fan size. The fan blowing right on to the cpu, the full vid card size ability and full size powersupply room was a very big plus when I was looking at it for my use.

In SFF cases you do some give and take to try and get something optimal, and when its silverstone, something different.

The SG09 is really unlike any other case out there, sure there are some that are uATX that are near the same size but not with the ventilation etc of it.

If it wasn't for the Bitfenix Ghost, the SG09 would probably have gotten the nod for me, it still might once I see some reviews and builds for both. The Ghost is a bit bigger than I was wanting.

Edit: Changed a sentence about why no full size cd drive after relooking at the sg09 pictures.

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