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Honestly if you are asking the question if you should go to the Nvidida 680 instead, well really you might want to look at the 670.
My local store 670= $379.99 680= $519.99 (my preferred card the Gigabyte windforce 670OC vs the 680OC)
The Gigabyte 7970 OC = 459.99
I have been researching a similar rig, and I found Nvidia to be superior.

For benchmarks I like to look at the passmark software bench lists. (H=B)
670= 4023
680= 4023
7970= 3957
Passmark isn't the greatest benchmark, and I have looked at pretty much every review comparison that was done when the 670's first came out. The reason I like passmark is because it is more of a benchmark of the performance people have been able to squeeze out of the device, so OCs etc are in there. Also they give you a value comparison, Performance for price.

But pretty much every review where they check the 670 vs 680s and ATI cards in games etc for fps the 670 is darn close to the 680, and from what I remember usually better than the ATI cards for the similar prices.

Check out some reviews but there is a reason why the 670 is getting the go ahead in my system.
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