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Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
It is mentioned in the review that CF drivers are broke with W2, which is why it was not included.

You can read it in the conclusion page:

This is still the reason I will never own dual AMD cards. Their crossfire setup is utter junk, and to be honest, until AMD gets their drivers straightened out generally speaking, I wont own an AMD card. nVidia drivers have been (for me) the most stable for years and years.
Yes and yes, it is hard to formulate a quasi-rethorical statement, where I already know the answer. Since the days of looking up the reviews on Tom's for a 6600GT 256MB, AMD has disappointed in the benches where it should have atleast shown a frame or two of playable 3D graphic - and "Fail" was the theme of some of the review's graphs - and just as I was comming closer to even consider buying an AMD card for the home machine (for the second time; 9800 has been the only one so far and even that was a year or so after it came out) - EDIT2: CF driver support is poor. EDIT: Love the 24-pin style power, could have just used one from a motherboard - I know the pin layout is different. :)

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