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Ok so all has been running well for the last few days. temps are much better. I also tweaked my oc a bit to bring temps down a tad so now I'm well within happy temp limits.

I do have one issue though that I would like to get some advice on. Now that I've switched my rad fans to intake rather than exhaust they are alot noisier. Normally I run all my fans at 100% and I put my rad fans on the board rather than my fan controller. For some reason speedfan won't let me adjust their speed anymore since I updated my bios either. It seems the noise comes from where the fan is mounted to the case, the rear fan mount is one of those round mesh type deals with many small circular holes. I believe thats where the noise comes from as it seems to be causing a bit of a low lvl whistling effect.
Curious if there is some sort of spacer or anything else I can put there to cut down on the whistling effect? If I put my hand close to the intake without touching it the noise goes away slightly. I have a fan filter that I installed to see if that helps, it does to a minimal degree. What would be my options here? Some sort of spacer? Get different fans? Currently I am using 2x Cooler Master R4-L2R-20AC 120mm Blue LED Case Fan 2000RPM 69CFM 19DBA on my rad as intake. They work quite well in the other intake/exhaust positions without any whistling effect.
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