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Originally Posted by Daedalus2002 View Post
hmmn....File server
First off, do you really want to go with a mini-itx case for this? I know it supports 7 drives in theory, but the more drives you add in such a small space the harder it becomes to cool. Consider a mid-tower instead (and you can get it for cheaper too). For a file server you want to get a mobo that supports some kind of RAID. The H61 doesnt support RAID AFAIK. I would suggest a 5th drive for the OS and those 4x2TB in RAID 5 (space) or RAID 1+0 (speed+redundancy). If you really want to go wild on the number of drives you would want to get an addin RAID card. Those are pretty expensive though; a x8 sata port with RAID is about $500-800 off the top of my head. AND you would need to upgrade that PS if you really want to add a lot of drives.

If you want to avoid the whole RAID issue, try to buy a copy of Windows home server (not sure if you plan to go Linux or not) and utilize the drive extender technology. Personally, i bought an old used DELL for about $150 and stuck a few drives in it together with Windows Server 2008. No RAID of any sort, but then i backup religiously. It works, and its on the 2nd year right now.
Well, I don't HAVE to go with a mini-itx case but I want it to be small. I probably won't be stuffing the case with hard drives since there's only so many SATA slots, and just use USB for the rest (in the future). I originally wanted to avoid the RAID scene, doesn't seem like its something for me right now. I was definitely considering WHS, seems the better route to go (or Linux, haven't considered that much yet). So if I went with WHS, the current build shouldn't be too much of an issue I hope?
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