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Thank you everyone for your ongoing help, I REALLY appreciate it!

I will be using the controller in a Corsair 650D case with the onboard 2x200mm and 1x120mm fans, and a CPU liquid cooler to start. I plan to swap out some of the OEM fans with ultra silent fans and if needed, add a 4th fan later.

I really appreciate everyones' suggestions. I have been leaning towards the Lamptron Touch and BitFenix Recon, but with all that has been said here and elsewhere I still have concerns and questions and would seriously appreciate hearing people's experiences with these and other FCs.

As pointed out by Bloodystumps, I have heard several mixed reviews on the Lamptron Touch regarding quality and function. While some seem to have had great experiences, others have complained about quality issues, screen gaps, screen sensitivity problems as far as making adjustments, the unit not being "long enough on the sides" to install the face plate flush with case (extra drilling needed) and unit failure. This is disconcerting especially given customer service appears based in China making things a bit complicated. Many of these reviews are older however, and as Bloodstumps said, his returned unit seemed to be better so maybe bkz the Touch has been out for a while quality and performance is better? Thoughts? One additional positive thing I heard however is that the Touch runs very cool.

The BitFenix Recon has only 10W per channel--given my needs this might not be as much an issue, although on some fans used in reviews (particularly some with LEDs-ex. Enermax fan used in one review) there was not enough power to run them at full capacity in terms of rpms and LED capabilities. But assuming wattage not currently an issue, it still doesn't leave much overhead room for future fans as say the Lamptron Touch at 30W/channel. Bloody stumps here also mentioned the "GUI is kinda clunky" . . . and I have heard some complain (and saw in one video review) about the delay between fan screen setting change and actual fan speed change. Does Recon run cool like the Touch supposedly does?

The Sunbeamtech Rheosmart 6 appears to be a rheostat knob type that has no touch or information screen, but it has PWM Control, you connect it to the CPU fan port in your mobo (PWM cable comes with it) enable PWM controll in bios and it claims it can adjust the speed of the fans as the CPU gets hotter/cooler. I have read mixed things about how effectively this PWM control actually works-some say it does NOT work while others say it works well. In theory, it seems like this method would be the most accurate way to monitor and adjust fan speeds (as opposed to 3 or so sensors strategically placed--yes/no?) . . . but if it doesn't work . . . ? The other concern I have with this type of controller is that I would imagine that as a rheostat the Sunbeam Rheosmart 6 must generate quite a bit of heat, yes(?) (the aluminum heat sinks on the back would also suggest this).

Yes, BlueByte, would very much appreciate hearing about your Corsair Link experience. I too did an online search for reviews and experiences and as you said I found very little--surprising given the unit was supposed to have been released in August 2011 according to one press release I came across.

As far as the Lamptron Touch and BitFenix Recon . . . can anyone please tell me . . . if you set auto settings to alert to a temperature threshold, example 41 degrees, if the temperature rises to this level . . . apart from an alert/alarm sounding . . . do both of these FCs then automatically increase the fan speed to cool the case down? And if so, does it then decrease the fans rpms once it then drops below that set 41 degrees? (If it does drop rpms below 41 degrees, how far below?) For my needs, I would hope the auto setting does adjust fan rpms at threshold temps, but I can also see envision a constant fan/temp yo-yoing effect if the temp. was merely set back to the threshold temp each time.

So yes, I am still really struggling with this decision and I very much appreciate hearing peoples' thoughts and experiences--thank you.
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