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My System Specs


my 1100 is at a very stable 3.8 and I am idling (well I guess I am not idling becasue I have a few programs running my cpu usage is averaging 10% and my 8gb ram is using 18% and my temperature is 41. I am watercooled but when I test this thing I usually will run a whole pile of things at the same time then stress it with stress software. I am thinking that mabe the paste isn't doing well or wasn't applied very good I have done that a couple of times where I screwed up the paste with out realizing it and my cpu will be running up in the hi 50s lower 60s when I see that now I check the paste. but that is just me becasue I learned my lesson after spending several hours trying to figure out why my cpu was running so hot it was the paste and also I was low on water . now I just take my time and quadruple check every thing lol.
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