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Originally Posted by CriminalMind View Post
How in the world did you convince Virgin to clear your supertab!? I've been trying forever to get them to do it - I even told them that it was what was holding both me and my wife back from upgrading.
Total luck?

I complained originally and managed to get $100 taken off. Basically saying how SuperTab is a rip off for expensive devices and such. That was maybe like a year ago?

But I went to a kiosk to upgrade, and the cashier was like "Oh, why is the bill so high....oh it put your SuperTab balance on the bill. That shouldn't be. Let me remove it for you. They should charge you on your next billing cycle." So he basically overrode the price back to $159.99 (I had $131 remaining on the 'tab at that time). Suffice to say, it's been 2 billing cycles with no charges.

Unfortunately though, I had wanted to sign a 3yr and told him as such, but it seems he put me on SuperTab again. Whatever though, I'll deal with it again in 2-3yr when I want to upgrade again

Same goes for my free CID and VM, I complained saying Koodo was offering it for free so why couldn't Virgin? They said fine, if you buy the SGS3 we'll throw it in. And they did. Just dropped them an email after I picked up the S3. This was during the whole $60 promo plan that everyone was doing in August.

So all in all, I must say Virgin's customer support is quite good
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