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Unhappy Bad Temp Phenom II x6 1100T CPU

Hi, I bought last year a haf932 case, cpu phenom II x6 1100t, crosshair IV extreme, 2 HD6970, ssd + hhd, psu corsair AX1200, crucial 4x2GB ddr3 1600Mhz. I always had around 47 and 50 degree celcius at IDLE, but I have a corsair H70 .... I build it VERY well. but before I don't care about it but now I want to OC the CPU and at 4.1GHZ I got 67 to 72 degree Celsius while benchmark and < 68 degree after. I have three possibilities, one: its the thermal paste, two: its the corsair H70, three: its the CPU (and I got not so good result at bench but acceptable). I want to change the cooling by a standard Fan cooling but a very good. I heard the good temp for this cpu is between 27 and 35 degree at idle and 55 degree max.

SORRY for my poor English , this language is not my first learned.
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