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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
WRT the Beer Cooling with Salt, it works like this:

By adding salt to Water, you lower the freezing point of water.

If you were to put ice in water, the temperature of the water would quickly drop to 0-1C, then remain there until all the ice melted and the water slowly heated back up to the ambient temperature of the room.

But adding salt, you're effectively lowering the freezing temperature of the water. This allows the water to cool to -5 or -6 celcius without freezing. This is why it cools the beer faster and colder than just plain ice water.
Oh so it is just that then on the Mythbusters? I thought they were adding it to make something have a reaction to create a cooling effect (like those cold packs).

In that Case Six Strings, it ain't gonna work.


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