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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
When you say hold heat, are you talking about the thermal resistance of the Water itself? Making it harder to 'hold heat' would in theory make it harder to obtain it as well. All you are doing by putting an airstone down there is aggitating the water around the rad, forcing a more active dissipation around the rad versus natural convection. This won't make the water cool to the outside air faster. It Will just warm up the water faster. You are still limted by the surface area at the top of the container and the ability there for it to lose heat.
That is where you need to focus. Focusing on what the Rad is doing at the bottom is pointless.

Just, from my understanding. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am in this case.

You're not. Initially the temps on the rad would be awesome, and equal to air. Eventually the mineral oil would 'absorb' all the heat. The air bubbles would never be as efficient at moving the heat from one medium to another (Rad, to air, to oil, to air), then good fans blowing over the rad in a all air environment.

If you just think about the mineral oil as a giant radiator you still need to remove heat in some way, as ST said. Simply put, since air flow is still your medium for heat transfer (and very slightly the top of the oil next to cool air) you're better off just using 120mm fans in an air environment. Larger surface areas equals a quicker (or easier) Delta T change. This is why rads have so many fins, to increase surface area.
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