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Originally Posted by igot6strings View Post
Did you have air stones pushing air thru the rad itself? I've seen several set ups with mineral oil that used airstones as a novelty but I've never seen them used as a means to push air bubbles thru a rad. Curious as to what you did exactly.

Also like I said above, salt takes away some of waters ability to hold heat. Might be worthwhile to give that a shot as well or another substance that has the same affect on water.

I understand water left standing with a rad in there will continue to heat up but if there is enough air bubbles being pumped thru the rad with a pair of flat airstones the warm air should exhaust out thru another tube or chamber. It should then be able to keep the water at a reasonable temp I would think. Heat rises no matter if its in water or air. With a few pinches of salt in there it should work even better however it may degrade the rad over time which doesn't really matter for this experiment as it won't be a long term project. I could even put a small 40mm fan or something on top of the container to exhaust the warm air a bit faster.

The key to my experiment is the flat air stones being pressed up against the rad much like a fan would be. If anyone has attempted this already I'd love to hear about it.
When you say hold heat, are you talking about the thermal resistance of the Water itself? Making it harder to 'hold heat' would in theory make it harder to obtain it as well. All you are doing by putting an airstone down there is aggitating the water around the rad, forcing a more active dissipation around the rad versus natural convection. This won't make the water cool to the outside air faster. It Will just warm up the water faster. You are still limted by the surface area at the top of the container and the ability there for it to lose heat.
That is where you need to focus. Focusing on what the Rad is doing at the bottom is pointless.

Just, from my understanding. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am in this case.


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