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Default Wanting to build a Home File Server, thoughts on this build?

Hi everyone,

So I am wanting to build a file server for home and I basically want it to do the following:

1. Store files, including videos, music and pictures. I have a lot of 1080p mkv files that I would like to be able to stream over to laptops, tablets etc, possibly by using Plex. Hopefully I can also be able to access the files if I am not at home.

2. Use Usenet (SABnzbd), setting up Sickbeard, CouchPotato etc.

I want to keep my costs low, but still fitting my needs.

I made the build here, (PC Part Picker). Note that I already do have the 4x2TB drives. As for the RAM, is it really important which ones I get? I plan to probably get whatever is on sale at NCIX at the time. The other choice for Motherboard I have is (Asus P8H77-I). My question is, since the Asus one can take 6 SATA ports (4 for Biostar), if I wanted more drives, I have to get a PCIe SATA Multiplier right? But those only seem to give me 2 more ports, any way of increasing that even more?

Also, for hard drives, don't think an SSD is necessary for OS right? Especially since using Usenet, I wouldn't want to be writing/reading files constantly from the SSD, since Sickbeard will move the files to the Green drives once done downloading.

If anyone has any suggestions, please shoot them my way.

Thanks a lot :)
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