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With the test sample I never noticed any image burn in issue. I used it for both excel and processioning tasks for hours and at time, both in full screen and SxS windowed mode. I use CS6 for all photo manipulation and went from using PhotoShop to excel to word constantly for days at a time and didnt notice any burn in. This doesnt mean it wasnt there, but I can honestly say I never noticed it. I also did not notice any screen door effect on our sample. If I had I would have made sure to include it in the review as that would have been disappointing to say the least!

As Sky said about his personal U2713 it could be simply a case of N.A. vs European batch differences. It is very likely that they worked out the kinks on this new model before it was released on this side of the pond. A sample size of 2 (review sample and retail) is awfully, awfully small...but it does make sense.

There was also only a minor amount of backlight bleed from my sample. Certainly not enough to be distracting while watching movies & playing games on it in a dark room. Hope that helps!
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