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@SKYMTL While the method I listed may seem unrealistic, the point is just to provide a definitive test.

In reality, I got image retention after working with a few side by side windows for about 40 minutes, something that shouldn't be uncommon with a monitor this size. After that I started writing a forum post and got image retention from the "new message" window after only 10 minutes.
And while it's true that image retention will mostly be visible under a certain shade of gray, newer 3ds Max versions and Photoshop CS6 have this exact interface color. Also, when I took it back to the shop for testing, slight traces were also visible on the standard Win7 wallpaper.

Anyway, I'll just wait for your results, and hopefully the newer build you have will be free of this issue. :)
Btw, did you see and backlight bleeding on your sample?
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