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Originally Posted by Chipicao View Post
No offence, but that's not the best way to test it (image retention). I've had 2 of them, both with image retention, and while it's very possible they came from a bad batch, I would really appreciate it if you tested for image retention this way:

1. Leave it off for a few hours - IR doesn't seem to be permanent on this model, it goes away after a while but comes back overnight
2. As soon as you turn it on, leave one explorer window or white image on a dark background
3. After 15-20 minutes, check for image retention on dark gray background, specifically 80% gray or 47-47-47 RGB values

Also, when was yours manufactured? Mine was in June 2012.

That is very odd but I don't typically use non-realistic situations like that when using a monitor. I'll check it out tonight though.

Originally Posted by FZ26000 View Post
Thank you very much for that much expected review, do you have any news about the 30' version (using that very same new LG panel) ?

I already have a ("cheap") Iiyama ProLite B2712HDS and my next monotor will be a 30' one ....

THX in advance
The Dell 30" models are due to be you never know!

Originally Posted by Danand View Post
Aha, that might explain it! June 2012 - I'm in Sweden. Is yours still a Rev000?
Am sorting out a replacement with Dell at the mo.
Thanks for letting me know!
Yup. Rev000.
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