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I know this is a rather old thread but I have the same card and just recently had to RMA mine out and they gave me a new one but the same model and so forth and I was wondering about your overclock.

I'm confused on the Memory Clock: 4220Mhz. The factory speed is 1950Mhz and wondering how in the heck did you get 4220Mhz? Did you increase the voltage or something? I had used eVga's Overclocking software the 1st time but as most people have said they don't allow messing with the voltage so I switched to the MSI Afterburer 2.2.4.

I woud like to get as much out of this as possible until I decided it's time to sell this card and get the Radeon HD7870 unless they drop the price of the 660Ti within say a month or two but I doubt nVida will.
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