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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
I have one of these in front of me. I don't see a screen-door pattern no have I experienced image retention after viewing HWC for hours on end.
No offence, but that's not the best way to test it (image retention). I've had 2 of them, both with image retention, and while it's very possible they came from a bad batch, I would really appreciate it if you tested for image retention this way:

1. Leave it off for a few hours - IR doesn't seem to be permanent on this model, it goes away after a while but comes back overnight
2. As soon as you turn it on, leave one explorer window or white image on a dark background
3. After 15-20 minutes, check for image retention on dark gray background, specifically 80% gray or 47-47-47 RGB values

Also, when was yours manufactured? Mine was in June 2012.


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