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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Bingo. No 3 year warranty, cross shipping, dead pixel guarantee or proper tech support means I am more than willing to spend the 20% more on a Dell.
At $350 shipped with a 0 faulty pixel policy I don't think they (the cheap Korean IPS's) should be dismissed out of hand.

Is there draw-backs of such a cheap monitor, hell yes, the build quality isn't great, connectivity is poor and from what I gather the OSD is non-existent.
BUT all that said it is less than half the price of pretty much any other monitor that offers this quality of panel.

I think a review should be in order (not at your expense, perhaps borrow one or get a store that is stocking them to lend you one as a bit of a promotion)
With the number of members here so impressed by them I think your doing them and yourself a bit of an injustice by just dismissing them out of hand.
All you have to do is list your personal likes and dislikes of the monitor in your summary, tests and pro's and cons.. let the user then decide if it's for them or not.

The main thing I like about the Korean ones is the fact that they make such a hight quality screen affordable to soo many people that otherwise
would never be able to delve into the High res market with the cost that comes with the graphics needed and the actual screen itself.
For the first time you can get decent FPS on a screen like this with a single card (7950+ or 670+) and a screen that is not inaccessible due to the cost.

Back to the topic at hand.. A step in the right direction But I'd love for dell to do a very no frills budget monitor to rival the koreans...
Say at $500 but with a bit better build quality and a warranty.. a true budget IPS for the masses..
They would clean up at that point I think.
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