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Well that settles it for the ssd. I noticed the same M4 512gb item repeated five times on Newegg so I made sure I chose the one with the highest part number, ie the newest.

As for the Videocard, MSI did one hell of a job! but the review in hwc says the PE is quiter than the Top and hotter, while TPU says the exact opposite! I highly respect both sites and their communities but why is it like that? Does the timing of the reviews (June for TPU and September for HWC) and improved drivers or fan profiles have anything to do with it?

Just to clear it up, I'm picking the 670 over the 660ti for 60fps @1080p because the less I tax the card, the lower the heat and noise it generates, just like when we install big PSUs and use half the load. Of course my priority is noise as the case fans will take care of the heat. I didn't clear that up before.

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