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My System Specs

Default Soul's MSI Z77 MPower Review and Mod

I'd like to thank MSI for making a amazing board that for me is the last straw the total win the end of Asus boards for Soullessone. After the fun I had with my review testing rigs Z77A-GD55 motherboard I knew it was time to keep the MSI train rolling.

I have as of today a Z77 MPower coupled with 2 Corsair Neutron Series 240GB SSD's and my tested and true 670 from Asus*Cough*Msi I would love 2 660 ti or not *Cough*

So over the next few days send me your requests what do you want tested what do you wanna know or what do you wanna see with this fine board. Oh and I am using a 3770k Cpu with this beauty soon to be in a intel closed loop cooler but that requires taking apart my mini gamer that is due fs this weekend.

So stay tuned and I will post some specs results and fun with the new toy.

Good bye Z77-GA55 hello MPower!

Got the system up and going did some tests on it, The board is a OC king.

The new bios (Pix inbound) is a work of art, it is far easier to OC then the ROG bios due to the fact u can set exact amounts and lock them in where Asus likes to tinker with your numbers on restart.

I run the CPU at 5Ghz Stable on only the small Intel LGA2011 Watercooler.

Due to the Fact I loved my 660ti PE so much I ordered 1 more and sold the Asus 670, So the System is currently for 2 more days without a Dedicated GPU but that will not stop me from testing it.

The Two Towers of Power

The Mpower Ultra Mod is starting this weekend and due to a life change at the end of this month I will have far more time to start a major mod more or less just to show up my buddies at ROG :P

Stay tuned for a full review and benchmark results I promise this will be another game changer of a board
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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