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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Its not meant to replace the - as you put it - "professional" Ultrasharp U2711. This is an excellent monitor for the home user where a wide color gamut simply is a non-issue. Games are designed around the lowest common denominator: sRGB. IMHO the pseudo 10bit panel of the U2711 is good BUT is hampered by a less than optimal AG coating. This monitor makes the most of the tools it is given and the end result is one gorgeous monitor which can compete against PLS based monitors. IMHO this is what it meant to do: Kick Samsung and their PLS tech in the teeth. At this it is an amazing success.
I did not say it was intended to "replace" anything. However, traditionally Dell has targeted its Ultrasharp line at professional grade use and users. This is a departure from that, for whatever their reasons. I would also disagree that a wide colour gamut is of no consequence to "home users'. There are many whose hobbies and activities are as demanding as any professional. Of course these folks go for professional grade gear, which this not despite its positioning in Dell's model-name lineup. Does it compete handily against the PLS panels, yes indeed. That was not the point I was trying to make in my original post.
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