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Thanks for your feedback. I'm keen on silent aircoolong and am not too happy with the sound of the pump on the h80. I'm going to replace the two fans in the case with 5 nf-f12 fans (2 front & 2 top intakes and 1 rear exhaust). The Airflow from the top of the case and orientation of the motherboard will make for optimum airflow that should yield better results than in reviews while maintaining the quietness.

The GTX 660ti? I saw no real drop in performance from the GTX 680 to 670 on 1080p and frames where well beyond 60 per sec in all games, hence the decision to go with it. I haven't looked at the 660ti yet but I thought the 670 gave enough room for future games that will be more demanding. I'll def check it out. Tbh gpu is the last place I want to compromise.

I started reading in customer feedback and forums about the poor reliability of OCZ's a shame as the numbers on the vertex4 were impressive. Is that why you prefer the M4 or does it perform on par with the vertext4.

I appreciate your help.
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