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Originally Posted by Kingsix View Post
Hey guys, I read all of this stuff and while I am leaning to Intel and Nvidia for my own build its probably not the best for price. Anyway I am not here to get in on that conversation.

I want to suggest to the OP that at your stepsons age, maybe look at saving some immediate cash by going low end for the case, maybe go kijiji for the monitor, and low end for the keyboard and mouse that might end up covered in candy goop anyway. Use that money to upgrade away from the Internal graphics.
Then in a few years when the young man has matured a little bit and is more interested in it, you could upgrade the case and peripherals with him, sort of do his first build together.
Don't know, just a thought. I am having trouble remembering how much I was into when I was his age. I don't think I cared as much about the hardware as the games themselves.
I think if you look at his original build quote he is already going low end with like a $15 mouse and keyboard or something. I agree somewhat that he could forsure get a cheaper case, but you got to remember this is for a kid. So having a somewhat cool looking case is probably important :)
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