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Thanks lowfat and congrats on becoming an uberlord.

I'll probably try the zip tie method if I can't find a way to mount it a bit more securely.
I'm thinking ill have to cut off or remove the mounting screws on the cooler itself once I do find a way to mount it. Seems like they'd be in the way if nothing else. Good advice on the vram heatsinks. I wasn't aware that I'd probably need better adhesive. Good to know. I have ample air flow I would think. 2x120mm blowing right on the card, 2x120mm on top of my case for exhaust and another in front for intake as well as the 2 intake fans on my rad for my coolit eco II so the smaller ones might be ok. I'll probably grab a couple sets and go from there to see what I like.

I was in contact with Dwood on, he makes custom mounts for all sorts of cards and coolers however not the coolit eco. He also does custom case badges and the like. He requested some measurements from me that I provided last week but I've yet to hear back. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he can rig up something for me.
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