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My System Specs


I own a Lamptron FCT and the Bitfenix recon .

When I read up on the Lamptron it looked to be a good controller 30 watts a channel 6 channels and has 2 auto modes that works well . my only complaints about this unit is that the touch is really hard to manipulate the touch screen (which I knew going into it )and the build quality was not as good as I would have thought , the LCD bled a lot of light and the PCB was kinda sloppy and that my LCD failed within the first month . The RMA took a couple of weeks and a few emails in broken English then a month to be shipped from China, The replacement looked to be a better build and came with sleeved cables .

I have not reinstalled the FCT because while I was waiting for the RMA I went by CC and seen the Recon( I did not do any research) I just bought it after reading the box it stated it was 30 watts a channel and 5 channels well as you know its only 10 watts but it does have 3 auto settings that work good and the build quality looks much nicer then the FCT and the screen has almost no light bleeding .

My complaints about the Recon are the GUI is kinda clunky and the red /green/ white wire that is just long enough to reach my usb header stretched across my MOBO in my full tower case ( LOL real ugly ) so I had to buy the $15 extension or cut the usb and extend it my self ..

so far I have not switched back to the Lamptron not sure if I will the Recon seems to be working and does what I need that and the touch screen is not finicky like the FCT .
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