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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
The HX series is a Silver efficiency PSU, they've been around since 2009 but with refreshes to some of the models.

The AX is a Gold efficiency PSU, introduced mid-2011 I believe.

The TX850M is a Bronze efficiency partially modular PSU. They are recent model. Don't confuse them with the TX (no M) series, which is a non-modular version that's been around for years. You'll see TX V2 models now.

I don't know about Corsair's RMA policy on modular PSU's, but when I RMA'd a fully modular Silverstone Strider last year, they only wanted the base unit back and not the cables.

Which would I pick personally? The AX850 if it's within 20 dollars of the HX850. Or as suggested check out Seasonic modular models.

Just a small correction and probably where some of the damn confusion comes into play (Corsair, this one wasn't handled so well). The 'Old' HX Series was CWT's Silver platform DSG (80 plus silver). However they have recently refreshed the HX to CWT's new PUQ design (Same with the GS series) and now it has Gold level efficency too.

Corsair HX850 Gold Review

So although now corsair has the AX Gold and HX Gold , the HX is actually a 'newer' platform than the AX.

That being said, everything else is right, and no matter which way you go (even with the GS series) you cannot go wrong with Corsairs products.


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