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Default Watercooling 6870 with H60 and Dwood bracket

Originally I posted this thread to figure out how to ghetto rig a Coolit Eco 120 to my 6870 however I recently decided to switch things up a bit and take a slightly easier route. I ordered a custom made bracket from Dwood to mount my Eco II (h60 oem) to my 6870 instead. For $30 I get a custom made bracket, with a fan mount for a 92mm fan, its painted white and will have a 7.62 round cut into the bent lip on the side. Installation will be a breeze as its all precut to fit. The only thing I have to do is remove a few screws from the bottom of my h60, mount the new bracket to the h60, pop the h60/bracket on the card and go to town. I should be able to give my 6870 a nice kick in the pants oc wise and keep temps down for overnight folding and prolong the life of this workhorse of a card.

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